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Honeymoon Cruise for 1

This is not a few words about being jilted at the altar and someone decides to keep the gifts and take the trip on their own to recover – NOPE!

This is about my partner’s need to take a Kayak tour and hike to see the waterfalls and my pressing need to remain close to a bathroom – very close.

cymbidium orchid on palm tree

The tour and insurance was very expensive and it seemed best to just put out the funds for one.

There was the 20 something Hawaiian tour guide and 6 other people on the trip – all who were on their Honeymoon!

My partner had worn slippers (Hawaiian for flip flops) and because the hiking was so muddy from the rains the night before he did most of the climbing and hiking bare footing.

He enjoyed swimming under the waterfall and kayaking the river and the sightings of the exotic birds.

He kept reminding himself that he was the age of the father’s of all the other participants.  Oh mighty man you work out and run marathons – you are the most fit and buff person here – baring the guide!

This was physically reassuring knowledge.

My Oh My!  Five hours with newlyweds turned out to be an amazing aphrodisiac and renewed the passions of youth and deflected those stings of middle aged reflections.

An Invigorating experience!

He was ready to don his hiking boots, which were on the mainland, and do every trail and climb available on the island.  Let’s bring the kids here and kayak and hike and explore.?  They will appreciate my vitality and skill and want to camp out.  None of this non-air-conditioned, screenless, worn out room, we’re surrounded by ants, cockroaches, and are covered in bug bites now; let’s add exploration and adventure and get in the spirit.

We have moved on to the Conference Center on Waikiki Beach.  The massages and hot tubs were quite renewing for me – and oh to have internet service that you pay for and receive!

The fellow is primed and ready to present good material – with exuberance!
How do you renew and refresh yourself?
Ever been a party of one on a Honeymoon cruise?

Do you need to climb and slosh through the mud to invigorate yourself?

Looking forward to your comments…

4 Responses to “Honeymoon Cruise for 1”

  1. Cath Lawson Says:

    Hi Patricia – this sounds absolutely awesome. Are you still there now?

    i haven’t been to Hawaii yet – but I do walk a lot of mountains at home. And it really makes you feel good to do a lot of physical stuff then try something indulgent like a massage.

    Now kayaking and waterfalls would probably be too much for me – I hate heights. Hope you’re having a fab time.

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  2. Patricia Says:

    I am home now and could not comment before as the Internet connection was $8 an hour.

    Hawaii is lovely and a good place for a visit. They truly know healing massage and have kept a good healing practice going in the islands since they were established. Massage was terrific.

    Swimming in a waterfall was more fun than the ocean! no lie and all the fragrant flowers…worth the hike
    Thank you for your comments

    Patricias last blog post..Where Do You Write?

  3. Tamah Says:

    Good post.

  4. Patricia Says:

    Thank you, I really enjoyed writing it and making my partner laugh at his adventure!
    Thank you for your comment and Welcome.

    Patricias last blog post..Factoid Friday: ANTS or Automatic Negative Thinking