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Factoid Fridays: Tour Guide Isms

Hawaii: National Botanical Gardens –Allerton Estates – Kauai
Auntie Wendyisms:

  • Why did the Rooster cross the road? To get chicks!
  • Chickens are called Moa in Hawaiian and they have Moa, Moa, Moa and Moa all the time! (The hurricanes set the chickens free and most have not returned to their coups).
  • When going by the tree roots that were the “stars” in Jurassic Park movie- you must watch out for the appearance of the Whinesaurus an amazing creature of much fortitude that will attack your tour and enable the arrival of the Negasaurus!
  • Birds brought about 1000 species of plants to Kauai and the first settlers brought 30 more. The plants that came to the island have speciated into their own Island plants.
  • If the gardens were not watered every day, in one month’s time the hundreds of acres would return to desert.
  • Most of the plants are imports to assist with some problem or other and 60% of the imports are toxic and are overtaking other plants.
  • Lots of orchids on Kauai.
  • Those Gigantic Cruise ships are arriving all Fall to Hawaii.
  • Hawaiians always tell the tourists to watch the hands in the Hula, they never watch the hands!

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