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Beauty on a Sandy Beach

Have you ever just seen a person who radiates beauty and you just want to enjoy the experience through and through?

On Hanaleia Beach, of hot creamy sand and stunning waves I encountered 5 radiant beauties and they were all in swimsuits.

Lawai Beach Hawaii

#1  She was in a lovely print bikini and standing right on the edge of the wave line holding a camera to her face and lining up a perfect shot.  Her sunhat was pushed back on her head and her small baby lay under a tented shade having a lovely sleep.

Her husband and son were working their way out into the surf , the small boy laying on a surf board and Dad being royally splashed all over with waves – his sunhat dripping  and he sometimes overwhelmed and attempting to catch his breath.

Then was the perfect moment – father let go and pushed son towards the beach and mom got the pictures, son the ride of a lifetime and father’s persistence success.  She was so beautiful she glowed.

#2  Cherry red tank suit, she was at least 70 years old and wore her life like a crown jewel as she walked west on the beach.  She was relaxed and joyous and her arms move freely by her side and her feet and legs relished the splash of water.  Her beauty just flowed like the waves touching the dry sand.

#3 Barefoot in a mint green bikini she confidently moved across the grass between the county changing rooms and the beach.  Into the water she went and swam out to a large sailboat in the bay area – at least a mile and then back; out of the water, hair squeezed back and her 50 + straightforward self walked back across the county access and disappeared down the road.  Her beauty and movement dignified and elegant –determined.

#4 Thirty something and very much in love, her beauty was graceful and soft.  She wore a strapless swimsuit in dark brown with bright green palm leaf design and perfectly placed muted, yellow hibiscus blossoms just here and there; matching sarong was knotted around her waist with a drape anyone would admire.

The blond in her light brown hair catching the receding rays of the setting sun, she walked down the beach. Her beauty caught hold of my eye and I could not take my eyes away and gazed until she disappeared with her partner behind the rock intrusion.

#5 Physical and naked was the twenty something beauty of the day.  There was barely the glow off the sun setting behind the mountain tops.  She came by in a thong with her sarong around her neck over her breasts. Muscles were rounded and not buff, but there was no giggle or bounce and the legs and bottom revealed strength and her stride was intentional.

She was totally aware of her physical beauty and she wanted everyone to bare witness as she moved down the beach.  Not one single person on the beach could liberate their eyes from her control.  There was no mystery.

When was a moment you were captured by beauty?  I  am excited to read your story …

4 Responses to “Beauty on a Sandy Beach”

  1. Cath Lawson Says:

    Patricia – what amazing descriptions. I can find myself almost seeing those people as you saw them.

    Last time I encountered so much beauty was in Mexico. Despite all the poverty – people were so kind and happy – their inner beauty shone through.

    Cath Lawsons last blog post..Give Value If You Want To Survive

  2. Patricia Says:

    Wow nice to find you on the comments list tonight. We have just had a day of touring historic buildings and thou I learned a great deal, I am so hot, tired and exhausted I am not seeing much beauty at the moment.
    I just read this piece to my partner and he knew exactly each of the women I was describing – they just were so distinctive, I keep coming back to that radiate beauty concept…
    Yes! kindness and happiness do just shine through

    Patricias last blog post..Honeymoon Cruise for 1

  3. deb Says:

    It is interesting how the beauty of the landscape mirrors the people who choose to be there . These people just sound lovely and seem to belong right where they are. Patricia, I will discuss with you in private where I just came from and what the people I saw were like :)

  4. Patricia Says:

    I was so pleased to just walk this beach and see all these women and more enjoying their space and their bodies without worry – just in joy….
    I truly look forward to hearing about your trip and the people you met…intrigued for sure.

    I am covered in bedbug bites, fly bites, mosquito bites and coughing and running temperature of uncertain heights…I don’t feel like I radiate much beauty right now…!

    thank you for your comments and insights they are always so fabulous and decisive.

    Patricias last blog post..Where Do You Write?