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When Love and Trust are Shattered – Pray?

Flags in the Wind

Today we honor and memorialize all the men and women, husbands and wives, soldiers and civilians, pilots and flight attendants, passengers , mothers, and fathers, children, sons, and daughters who died in the 9/11 terrorists attacks on this country.

I started my day by reading all the names of the folks we lost on that day, remembering their loved ones and listening to a Brahms Lullaby, Intermezzo No.1 in E-flat minor.

I then thought about all the people, the victim’s families, left behind from this tragic event and I prayed that their healing continues and their Love and Trust will be restored.

Next I listened to Barber’s haunting and pressing Adagio and prayed for all the Iraqi people who are gone from this earth and are suffering loss and who’s names I do not know. I need the music to balance my emotions and release my sadness.

I do not believe shopping, borrowing money we do not have, and greed have produced any healing in this my country.  I cry in outrage because American’s are such good people, why did they not ask us to sacrifice and plant victory gardens and trees?

Instead I believe we are an unhealed community from this great traumatic event.

I don’t know how we can heal when we are continually in the path of a hurricane of fear. I was hoping all the flooding would wash us clean in a baptism of renewal.  I was hoping the environmental crisis would give us vision, and that the oil crisis would create giant inspirations.

I shout out a prayer now that we can recover our love and trust and believe that our country may still be able to develop community spirit and put aside

our fear of foreigners,
our fear of black men stealing from us or raping,
our fear of weakness if we don’t choose an bellicose symbolic leader,
our fear of walking our talk in the middle ground – the cemeteries holding our loss,
our fear of intimacy and connection
and our fear of each other.

I pray for a healing courage to touch us all in your holiest of names.

Hear this prayer

How do you heal with loss? Trauma?  Are you a wailing wall or a quiet rest? What would be signs of healing you would recognize?

2 Responses to “When Love and Trust are Shattered – Pray?”

  1. Meggin Says:

    Very insightful!
    I concur totally.
    RX: elect Senaotr Obama as president.

  2. Patricia Says:

    thank you for your good words. I have just been overwhelmed this week with all the information about PTSD and the election and then another anniversary of 9/11
    that is my humble prayer

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