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PTSD Part 4: The Big Picture For Healing

I am hoping by now that I have presented enough of the workshop information and the thinking I have done to present the Big Picture for Healing.

The Pentagon has hired the top researchers, psychologists, and thinkers to help support the troops and maybe prevent such a big epidemic of moral wounding.  They are going to try to identify the folks who will have the most complex disorders and change their training methods to teach them how to trust and heal.  They are training people who work with Military personnel and their families how to identify the wounds and how to get services.

I believe they asked my group to come to this training because they would like us to work on training civilians and particularly children in how to have social trust and how to heal psychic wounds.  Now in a one day workshop they are only asking the participants to try to identify someone suffering and to assist community agencies in helping the healing or to know how to direct the individual along the way.  They also gave the basic format for developing PTSD resistant individuals: cohesion, training, and ethical, competent leadership.

I am then asking something of you.  I am asking how a whole nation can heal from a psychic wound – a betrayal of trust?  I am talking about 9/11 and filibusters in congress, sound bites, innuendos, and the mortgage crisis and our definitions of success, war crimes and massive debt and real, deep down solid trust.   I think this is a complex disorder.

I am not in denial and I am not distracting with bling and entertainment.  I am working on active healing of the wound.

Bill Moyers weekly returns to the US Constitution, and I have found it comforting to listen to him share with some of the best thinkers around about how we can make change and heal.

I am asking people to double check where they might be stuck and to check back into their values and their actions upon those values.  I am asking this of myself and at as deep a level as I can go. I want to heal this wound and do my part.
I am surely asking too much.
Who was your one on one trust mentor?  Tell me that story.
What thoughts and ideas have popped up for you?
If you don’t want to share in the comments column send me an email
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More tomorrow – Part 5: My conclusions

6 Responses to “PTSD Part 4: The Big Picture For Healing”

  1. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    What a great series. You certainly put a lot of time and research into this. I’m guessing your words will help many.

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..Priorities – Signatures – Open Mic

  2. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for your comments once again! I so appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

    I really wanted to let people know that there is getting to be a fine body of material for healing growing and that people really want to learn how to be helpful and supportive to the folks who suffer these consequences more than putting a sticker on their cars and yellow ribbons on trees. With quick response, there is getting to be lots of recovery and healing.

    The conclusion to this series will actually come on Monday of next week, I am trying to do the Factoid Fridays post with regularity on Fridays!
    Thank you for finding me again.

    Patricias last blog post..Factoid Friday: Bonus

  3. Cath Lawson Says:

    Hi Patricia – sorry I haven’t been round much the last few days. I’ve got a nasty cold bug and my Internet access died on me.

    Healing a whole country sounds like a huge challenge. But it’s not impossible. It sounds like the government are taking an active role. And folk like you who are raising awareness of PTSD are helping a lot.

    Over here in the UK – I did think about setting up a national network of volunteer counsellors. But it would be a huge task and a lot of funding would be needed just to train them. At least – using the Internet, you can reach out to more people.

    Re: Mentors – I didn’t have anyone for a good few years, but around 8 years ago, I was lucky enough to befriend someone with PTSD and we’ve given each other a lot of support.

    Rita over at ritasdigest.com has PTSD and she has just written a blog post – the title is something about being a mail order bride. But she tells her story about how she’s finally found someone to help her after years. You’d really enjoy reading it.

  4. Patricia Says:

    I am sorry you have a cold and I hope it is on the mend. Sorry I can’t rush over with some chicken soup.

    I think the military is trying to get the word out to everyone because they have no funds to help people. I am hoping my series will help folks figure out that they need assistance.

    We do have a network of Volunteer Counselors here called the Crisis Clinic – just a phone number away and they will guide you to bigger and more useful assistance workers that will meet your need.

    Also States have to pick up the tabs for making sure people have health coverage. It is only as good as each State Government has set up and made allowances for…but case loads are so big that I wanted to get the word out for more recognition of the problems.

    I will go check out Rita’s post asap. Getting the word out is the best…

    thank you again for writing…feel better
    I am had computer problems all day yesterday..wow

    Patricias last blog post..Book Review: Blink ~Malcolm Gladwell

  5. Jerry Jarrette Says:

    It only goes to show where there’s will there’s a way. Keep on trying. – My one regret in life is that I am not someone else. – Woody Allen Born 1935

  6. Patricia Says:

    Jerry Jarrette,
    Thank you for your comment. I felt very fortunate to receive this training and be able to share this material. Keep on Keeping on…