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Characteristics of the Finest Fellow for the Vivaldi Kind of Woman

For this Vivaldi kind of Woman we would need a gentle man who is highly educated, professional, honest, respectful, caring, and responsible.  This fellow would need an easy relaxed social style and is as comfortable with talking as with quiet, and be in possession of a wonderful sense of humor. This would be a person who is comfortable with making commitments and finds it worthwhile to be part of a team effort in his approach to living life to the fullest.

I have been told that a young man should study a woman’s father to decide if he is suited, well, this Vivaldi Woman’s Father looks like a contemporary version of Abraham Lincoln, is an architect by profession and designs sustainable, environmentally sound buildings, schools and homes.  His designs are complimented by how well they fit their environment, catch the light, are energy efficient and feel comfortable to work and live within. He is very quiet and only talks when he must.  He is a great provider and the most wonderful, loving father anyone has ever had the privilege to encounter.  He lets Vivaldi Woman plan all his trips and they love biking together.

Ok I have gone over the description of this part of the form by 50 words….what do you think I should cut out?  I don’t want to scare anyone off?

2 Responses to “Characteristics of the Finest Fellow for the Vivaldi Kind of Woman”

  1. Julie Andersen Says:

    He sounds like the perfect match for your Vivaldi woman!

  2. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for your comments about this writing Julie – I can count of you! My techie is going to re-write both of these pieces into her own words and her Father wants her to take out what I said about him, but maybe that is good information for someone? what do you think?

    My Home Ec. teaching Uncle used to always teach that one should look at the Mother and Father of your intended before you got too involved because that was vital information about this new person of interest and their future as a possibility? One had to draw their own conclusions – a bit like looking at the horse’s teeth!

    Patricias last blog post..Characteristics of the Finest Fellow for the Vivaldi Kind of Woman