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 I have just finished reading all the speeches presented so far from each parties conventions. I have not found myself wanting to comment on any of them until this morning and that is only because my feelings are so alive and I am saddened and want to tell you why and hear from you if you think this is a major but overlooked concept.

I know that Conventions are pep rallies for the parties and whereas there used to be lots of discussion of the parties policies and how the candidates were going to represent those policies it is now apparent that the contemporary conventions seem to just be entertainment and personality contests. The news media and analysts now banter on for days about what really happened and what the candidates might be intimating, they have to talk a lot and guess a great deal because there is almost no substance.

When I read Sarah Palin words about 5 months ago being blessed with a specially abled child (I believe Down’s syndrome) and that all families have their moments of up and down, I began to cry. I could not stop the tears just rolling down my cheeks and I had to lie down and just let all the feelings roll out.

Here are the basic thoughts that I am left with to resolve and I really would like to know if you think they have merit or worth in the public discussion?

  • It took me two full years to truly know my own children and to expand my newborn love into a deep and connected love. If Ms Palin becomes VP, who will get to know and deeply love that new baby? Yes, fathers are very capable of providing this support and love, but I perceive Ms. Palin needs all her family’s support and love and there is not enough to go around?
  • Parenting a specially abled child became my new career and I had to find a job to pay the bills. Advocating for my child and helping her be the best she could be was full time work.
  • I learned from a Hindu religion teacher that they believe each child is your greatest teacher and I have found that lesson to be extremely true. I think the lessons are being ignored in this instance.
  • Love of country starts with truly and actively loving the “least of these “individuals. The Family Value’s Conservatives better be carefully about rallying around hollow words and sound bites and get more definition to their issues before they jump on this boat.
  • When one is confronted with fear in the form of a bear or a challenge our first response is fight or flight. I think I see a woman trying to flee (her feelings) and to fight (any one with a differing opinion) all at the same time. A political figure with more finesse acting out like Brittany Spears.
  • The Bully is often the first to call names and usually the loudest to defect attention away from themselves and what they are doing. Rudy Giuliani’s speech seemed to be the bully pulpit preparing the way for Ms. Palin’s address.
  • If she is going to be an advocate for specially abled children she is just like John McCain. She will huff and puff and blow the whole thing away and heap more and more burdens and responsibility on the parent who may already feel guilty and inadequate about having produced a specially abled child.

    Am I the only one who sees this appalling state of affairs, am I the only one distressed by how public this is all going to be and saddened that we have come to this? Is this the way our country is truly headed? What do you think?

    I am also so tired of being yelled at and screamed at and entertained as though I didn’t have a thinking, useful mind, and I am wondering if I am alone in these feelings. What do you think? How does it make you feel?

    3 Responses to “Ap-palin-g”

    1. Patricia Says:

      Joe Klein of Time magazine wrote at the end of RNC that he thought it was the most negative experience he has had in a long time and the bashing of community organizers by so many speakers should have the Republicans apologizing and holding their eyes downward in shame.

      I found that it put 28 years of my work and efforts out to be laughable, boo able, and applauded as “stupid and dumb” efforts on my part and certainly not responsible action for me to have done. No one wants to be ridiculed and it just shows me what this group of people are made of – their true character.

      Patricias last blog post..Ap-palin-g

    2. Meggin Says:

      Well I truely agree. I am so ashamed of people criticizing community service. And where else does change begin but in our own familiar areas? I was very very disappointed in the RNC and pray that they will look back and take back the words they said.
      What a disgusting position to present to the rest of the world.

    3. Patricia Says:

      Thank you for your comment Meggin. It feels better to know that others think it was a very degrading comment for all community organizers and not just political candidates. Then to have the whole audience begin chanting and laughing was really a big blow to a lifetime of service to the community and my endeavors as a volunteer.
      I put in a request for a public apology on the website…maybe I will, and other organizers will get an apology but probably not – well then again maybe if we donate a big wad of money..what organizer/volunteer has a big wad of money? That made me laugh –

      Patricias last blog post..Stress Relief – Nintendo DS Brain Age