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Surveys R Me

Question Mark

I love to take surveys, and I don’t mind an interruption phone call as long as it is a survey. I consider it my civic duty to take surveys and that I am helping to get someone income, giving someone some information, and possibly being given an opportunity to educate.

I have taken so many 10 minute surveys; I am most often able to guess, with considerable accuracy, which is the sponsoring group for the information from this survey.  I wish sometimes too that I could get one of my daughters a job as a survey caller because I think all that speech therapy would really prove useful practice to our efforts.

This morning I started my day with a survey caller for a ten minute questionnaire which turned out to be about health care and licensing practices.  But I had to go through a great many questions to be offered the survey to complete.  The caller first wanted the youngest male member of my household over the age of 18 years.  My partner is over sixty the only male living in this household at the moment, and is out on a 60 mile bike ride before the day gets too hot.  After several more elimination rounds, I was given the opportunity to complete the survey.

The survey was very poorly worded and left several correct answers to each question about schooling and licensing credentials for health, mental health, and health related services providers.  The goal of the survey overall was to help the folks at the other end define who could be licensed or not and who would be allowed to write prescriptions, wield a knife in surgery procedures and who could have someone committed to a Mental Health Observation without their permission.  The survey wanted me to say only those people with Medical School training and 5-8 years of some kind of Internship would be allowed these rights.  The young caller was sure he had a dud on the other end of this call, his whole demeanor changed and you could tell by his voice tone.  He began to request the general information about me, such as age range, educational status, and political party preference when suddenly he got excited and asked me to hold the line while he talked to his supervisor.  Sure thing!

A few minutes later his supervisor came on the phone and said that the fellow who had initiated the call had never had this particular request pop up on his computer screen before, so would I mind her taking over the call so she could show him what to do next?  I said that would be okay with me. The supervisor then proceeded to invite me to be a member of a National Task Force to review and redefine licensing requirements for Medical and Mental Health Professionals in the United States? They had been running this survey for the summer in hopes of providing 100 diverse individuals for this task force (on line, only one meeting to attend), I would be the 10th member to join the team, because nearly everyone was refusing to take the survey!  I replied that if they would send me the details of the task force and what accrediting information that they could, I would seriously consider being member number 10 on the task force.    I then told the supervisor that the survey they were using was too general and too loosely worded to be able to get a diverse sampling for their group and that was giving me a bit of a wariness about accepting their proposal.  I would need more information about the task force to proceed – such as who was paying for this information.  She said she would have the survey providers call me about that information.

Maybe just a goofy situation, maybe an opportunity to educate, and maybe something of value will be forthcoming.  You just never know – so what is 10 minutes out of the day?  Today it was full of possibility.

3 Responses to “Surveys R Me”

  1. mj Says:

    See my new blog at: http://mj-muse.blogspot.com/ See what you think. I’ve lost your e-mail, so contact me please! thanks.

    ALSO – you’ve made me think about surveys in a whole new way. Maybe I won’t be so quick to hang up next time! Thanks!

  2. Meggin Says:

    That was so cool!
    You just never know do you?

  3. Patricia Says:

    I was delighted to go and discover your new blog but your blog protocol would not let me publish my comments…I will send you my email on facebook and see if that can get us reconnected. Thank you for all your wonderful and good responsive comments on my blog.
    Thank you for your comments and yes it is true – you just never know!