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Sometimes an old pain will just come right up to you and bite you in the posterior and sometimes it will not let you go. That is what happened to me yesterday with the “hello” of a phone call I was immersed in a pain that I thought I had laid down and tucked deeply away – forgiven and forgotten. The pain was so real I began to cry and ache – breathing deeply and sobbing out each pain memory anew. I wrote the pain story down in my personal journal, and then took the right steps to make myself safe, finally setting aside three hours to release each tooth of grip.

The pain held firm with 18 points of dagger and I felt, thought about my child version and then gave it adult voice; breathing it out to its own release. I was exhausted and tired from the experience but felt a peace enter with the new intake of fresh air.

All during this process, a needy child was calling and texting my phone in completely joyous agony that her conflict had escalated to a blaming, fiery, dramatic parting of ways and she needed to find a new place to live right away and escape the anger and drama rather than work it through with someone who was irresponsible and even more out of control in her anger. Oppositional Defiant Disorder meet Oppositional Defiant Disorder – no medications to referee, just 27 calls to my cell phone.

I thought I had moved on this morning when an angel appeared to walk a mile and a half with me and listen to my pain story resolution at speed rap delivery. What a miraculous gift to receive – to have someone listen and to be heard. I am truly grateful. My posterior is free to go!

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