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Let’s Get Naked

I have never done a physical change regime, such as dieting, without someone saying “look in the mirror naked – let’s get real”. The doctors take x-rays and blood tests and scope around inside and the physical therapist gets out the measuring tapes and circles around thighs and waist. When the experts feel solid in their data levels they begin helping you make a plan for the changes you are going to make and how to implement those plans. You still have to do the work, they are only passing on their best judgment and making their best call.

As I try to live my best life in a time of crisis and I collect data from every nook and cranny around me; I make these observations:

  • Our children are getting more obese all the time in the good old USA – obesity is a sign of our success.
  • Children are not very curious these days – they just want to play and consume.
  • In 1973 President Jimmy Carter said we must end our dependence on foreign oil and correct our trade imbalance or we would fail as a nation – it cost him the election. I believe he was right.
  • Our National motto has become Consume, consume, consume with greed –happiness is get it all now.
  • Our constitution is being ignored and violated on a daily basis and the last 6 Presidents have created the ultimate Imperial Presidency fortified by a terrorist attack and brought to war with the biggest message of diversion to the citizens ever –> to solve this problem go to Disneyland and consume.
  • With our interest payments to foreign states (mostly China) reaching $800 Billion a year and our personal debt and mortgage crisis when are we going to see that we are in a death defying mode?

What’s on your data observation list? I know you have a list somewhere….

I think we need to get Naked! Let’s get real!

We all need to look in the mirror and see our personal reality and how we are the problem…then we need to look at our community and get real…then our city hall…..and then our state…and get real…

I think anyone who says use gas and oil – keep spending – more bling – more escape…more denial is afraid.

Do you get hot and bothered or do you want to ignore it and make it go away?

Let’s get naked!

Hey! We all know the story about the Emperor had no clothes.

Take it off….Take it all off….

Are you ready? Let me know….

2 Responses to “Let’s Get Naked”

  1. Carol Ann Says:

    I feel I’m doing my part, but how do you get through to others?…I try to influence my children and grandchildren with my actions and discussions about conserving resources. I have no control over my neighbors, etc. However, those in (or near) my age group do have the same concerns that I do. What do we do?

  2. Patricia Says:

    Hello Carol Ann,
    I do think you are quite wonderful to have discussions with your family and grandchildren and that is where it all starts – then modeling the behavior as well. That’s the best start of all. One of the little games I play to educate is to ask at restaurants if their produce is local or where does it come from? Most of the places I go the wait staff all know the answer to that question now. I try to order their dish with the most local ingredients and just talk about that.
    The company that comes to spray my apples trees leaves a little flag on our lawn that states they are using eco-friendly products and nothing toxic and when my neighbors say you must be rich to do that – I reply that only having 9 salmon return to spawn last year in our polluted river and lake should be a big wake up call to folks use of laundry product damage and yard product toxicity. Just getting 35 people to not use toxic laundry soap would make a $1,000,000.00 difference to our own lakes and our own future!
    Nice to see you back on the site…thank you for your good comments.

    What have other folks found to be good tools to educate others/ those pesky neighbors with??? Let us know we need all the help we can get..

    Patricias last blog post..Let’s Get Naked