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It’s Not True

It is not true and I don’t know where you heard it, but I do not speak to plants. I do not understand their language arts nor do I translate, as a matter of fact I usually cannot remember their names common or botanical elaborations.  I find the plants in my yard to sometimes be a distraction and sometimes a valuable focus to help me create a discipline around their presence. Oh and if my nose finds their fragrance to be divine I am transported into a full meditation of the moments enjoyment.

Today I played nearly all day in the dirt and with water and ….and pruned, picked apples and blueberries, pulled weeds, deadheaded, fertilized, sniffed roses and gardenias and wrinkled up for marigold and slugs. I feed my slugs beer and they seem to die happy, but there are just so many of them.  Did you know if you are quiet in the early morning and during the night you can hear the slugs chewing – noisy partakers? I see that the deer have pruned the 10 foot tall sunflowers in the middle and a tall wire fence has been erected for further feasts deterred next door.  All our cosmos, bachelor buttons, and tomato blooms were a delight on last week’s menu.

Produce is coming late this year, the beans have not begun to bloom and I am usually a month into the 100 year old Gravenstein trees droppings by now- pies, crisps, dried and applesauce fill our lives with wonderful fragrance too which reminds of  Autumn’s arrival and Winter’s chill.  I was very kneady today also as I made Gluten Free Bread, an apple crisp, Chocolate Chip Gluten Free Banana Bread and mailed a couple of loaves to Michigan to a kiddo I know there.

The morning began with Body Flow (Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga class) and a lovely “you are looking thinner and very healthy”, from the Instructor/dietician for the class  and the good greetings from my friend who is training for a Danskin Triathlon in a week; a truly remarkable way to begin a – it’s ‘marine air’ not fog – Friday.  Rosie was all smiles and tease this morning, I will refer you to the post on this blog about Swimming Revisited as she made comments to my benefit while I was doing my 24 laps ( 36 is a mile I am told and I am nearly there).  Rosie’s mother is a survivor too and she is doing a Triathlon soon in celebration.

I was invited by another blogger to write a simile piece on his blog and I find I have missed his due date because his midnight was in Australia about noonish my time today. So he gave me the theme for next month’s essay hoping that I would not miss this new due date.

What a way to start and end a day!  I cannot believe what a gift my day was and still is as I recount my adventures.  The breeze kept it cool and pushed the marine air out ta’ the way shortly after lunch and the evening set is intensifying the garden’s dazzle and shine.  I may enjoy everything – no words spoken. Vespers and birdsong behold.

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