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Yesterday for 4 hours I watched a group of skilled artists learn how to sculpt and carve sand. It was a muscular extending experience and a worthy lesson in productivity.  The Sand sculptures are to be completed in 6 hours of one day in August in a program called “Sand in the City” which is a fundraiser for the Children’s Hands On Museum here in town.  All the folks working on the project are volunteering their time to keep this amazing museum open for children and their programs running.

After shoveling sand into forms, spraying water and taking my turn at tamping, it became obvious that my future endeavors in being a good volunteer on this project will be my fundraising efforts and bringing water and snacks to the artists in the group.  It became apparent in relatively short time that I was surrounded by a group of artists, because all the participants on the team became greatly engrossed in the tasks at hand.  For three hours straight the focused folks worked, asking about technique from the Master Carver, but truly not allowing for distraction to interfere.  Two of the artists were not distracted by small children hugging their legs or the need for food as they perfected the eyes and nose of a large polar bear.  Cell phones rang and were not answered. The rain came down for hours and they did not leave their work.  Sometimes laughter, suggestions, tools shared, and disaster reformed, but for two hours there was total focus and dedication to the task at hand.

It is human nature to find the point of focus and to use all the time we have allotted to a project. I was inspired by the lesson of the sand sculptors, I am going to set my writing time to a more frugal allotment and then I am going to find my focus quickly and use my time in a more productive manner.  For I was envious of the joy within that focus that the artists found in their task and the satisfaction as evidenced in their smiles when they knew they had reached the desired outcome.  I believe there is discipline in focus and boundaries, which if one has the lines drawn then when one explodes or wanders outside of the lines there can be discovery of a new creation.

I believe focus in a form of prayer.

Lisa and the Bear

4 Responses to “FOCUS”

  1. Robert L. Gisel Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    The bears turn to sand in Washington? OnceAnAlaskan has dritfted past there but missed the sand sculptures. Ice Carvings, yes.

    There is a bit of genius in every work of art, so the focus and dedication for hours as you pointed out actually strikes me as a genius quality, is what stood out when I read your blog post. That and the comraderie would bring joy.


  2. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for the good comments on my blog and your insights about joy and genius of focus. August 23rd is the big day for the reveal of the sand sculptures (One looks like M & Ms!) and the contest here port side in Olympia. The delight this event provokes is wonderous to behold. I loved seeing the beautiful orchids at my hike at Glacier Bay – I wish my picture had turned out.
    Many thanks for the kind words. Patricia

  3. Robert Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Will you have an anniversary post on the sand sculptures this year?


  4. patricia Says:

    I am not working on the Sand Sculptures this year but am planning on attending and taking pictures again. I will definitely put up a post about the event.

    It is a huge fundraiser here and fun art to help the development of the Children’s Hands On Museum. I assist in the event by helping to get funds to pay entrance fees so all children may attend the programs and enjoy the opportunities available.

    It will be happening in about 2 weeks time.