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Yes We Can!

Al Gore spoke this week at the We Campaign meeting and offered Americans the challenge of our lifetime and we can do this…Where has our good old American Ingenuity been hiding?  Where are our great problem-solvers? Why they are you and I and we can assist in making this great energy challenge a reality – We can do this, Yes! we Can!  I hope you will go and listen to the speech and find yourself inspired.

Vote with your dollars – how you spend them is vitally important and truly makes a difference.

In Eastern Washington State, the Governor has assisted in the development of  250,000 new workers in Green Industry – where are the workers?  High School girls are getting pregnant at an alarming rate and dropping out of school and the boys are just bored and dropping out – they are not getting the training for these new jobs.  Farm Workers are complaining of no farm work (this is amazingly nasty politics at work during a Food Shortage and Crisis worldwide)  and they are not trained to handle the new jobs.

We need to be cheer leaders for our kids and our future and here is a step by step way to achieve this challenge: do everything you can from recycling to putting the laundry on the line to dry, to eating more carefully and much more locally, to looking at the bigger picture and getting a vision, and to challenging your state law makers and businesses to get with the program; to take up the challenge.

Yes! We Can!…..Get Inspired today and tell someone else….and use your voice to keep the word moving forward.

Yes! We Can.

See the full video at wecansolveit.org

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