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Wii and Wii Fit

I always figure if someone tells me about something three times then I should at least check it out for myself.  That is the case of the Wii and the Wii fit programs for I heard about them first from a Physical Therapist who was using the system with seniors to get them up and moving; she was having a great response from the program and the seniors were willing to choose a character to be and play the games. Her biggest problem was how to get them off just the Wii golf or bowling programs onto the Wii fit programs which work on balance and strength training but were not just like games they knew how to play.  So I helped her with ways to introduce the Wii fit program so that she could be successful.

I have not been able to pay my webmaster yet for all her efforts on this blog, so I bought her a Wii and Wii fit to tide her over until our fortunes flow forth.  She has raved about the Wii and the Wii fit and thinks she may give up her gym membership because she enjoys it so much and the fitness programs are working for her.  My Dentist wanted to know about Wii fit and my webmaster’s experience because she had a Wii and wanted to know how the fit program worked also.  I bought one for myself.

I am enjoying this program and workout very much.  I used to eat M&Ms while I was writing and pace around when I got stuck.  Now I run downstairs and play a round of baseball or tennis – refresh myself and get right back to my work.  I am thinking this will be great fun on the rainy days when I can’t get outside to walk my six miles.  And the balance program is really terrific for me and I have made noticeable improvement and can hold excellent posture for up to 3 minutes now; not something I was able to do three weeks ago.

It has been just three weeks, and I find a noticeable difference while I am bringing my fitness age closer and closer to my real age.  I also need to say I have only allowed myself just 30 minutes most days and have not come even close to tapping all the possibilities with these two programs.  It is hard to visualize a boredom factor, a point which I reach very quickly at the gym on the equipment.  I do prefer to be outside when exercising but this makes up for that with the fun factor.

I was watching a rather long DVD the other day and needed a break, so paused the documentary and switched over to the Wii and my cohorts and I each went bowling, did a couple of yoga stretches and then returned to our research efforts.  The laughter was great and invigorating.
I recommend both programs even if you are not a big exerciser as they are both fun and work well together.  I purchased mine from the marketplace on www.amazon.com and found very good prices as there were none available in my entire state!

One Response to “Wii and Wii Fit”

  1. Patricia Says:

    Down another pound and laughing a lot more….particularly with the rainy day yesterday still got in a whole workout! Thank you Wii fit