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Three Themes Emerged On The News Stories Yesterday

After studying the various news agency stories about the Obama trip to Iraq yesterday, it became apparent to me that there were three themes emerging, which I wanted to look at and respond to with a closer observation.  I will call these themes Free Political Advertising, Uplift the Party, and Name Calling.

Free Political Advertising:  Senator McCain has been challenging Senator Obama to go to Iraq and learn about how wrong he was and is with his position on Iraq and withdrawal of troops.  Senator Obama is now traveling and visiting Iraq along with other countries to meet the leaders and introduce himself to the rest of the world.  The first word of the day was all about how Senator Obama was going to make a big public mistake.  All eyes were focused on where the big mistake would take place and how it would happen.  No big blunders so far in the trip or in the discussions, except by a news man in New York who is perceived as making a verbal blunder of insulting  military personnel by calling the trip a “tour of duty.”  Instead what everyone is witnessing is a diplomatic, professional, respectful, intelligent human being gathering information which he can now have access to because he is one of the presumptive nominees for the President of the United States.

So the attention has turned to the media entourage that is traveling with Senator Obama. Oh My! The top three newscasters from ABC, CBS, and NBC are on the trip too.  Why is this event being given such a huge audience?  It must be media bias toward this candidate. It would have nothing to do with citizens of this country demanding to see how the rest of the world perceives this new potential leader?  That this is a global news story and the networks want the top news reporters there watching every move and recording and interpreting what the world is seeing and it’s citizens are demanding. I am fairly sure all the top of the top are there to make the networks as much money as possible and hopefully a few rewards for their reporting of this world class event.  Will this human person, who has been granted some amazing privileges, bring the USA back to its world leader status?

Since there are so many watching and putting so much stock in this trip and the main event is not making blunder after gaff – then surely the trip must be about the Candidate getting unfair political advantage by garnering all this media attention.  But do the complainers really want more media time for their candidate?  Aren’t we all fortunate that Kelly O Donnell sticks in there with the bumbling and confused candidate and keeps positively explaining to us what Senator McCain was attempting to accomplish.   Which brings up theme two –

Uplift the Party:  If a candidate is not living up to your expectations then focus on your party and vote in support of your party.  This theme is repeated quite often on both sides of the aisle and on comments on all of the news sites.  As an independent voter, this advice always sends me to study and review party politics and platforms and it allows me to look with a different perspective.  The Republicans are still the party of big business and are looking to create a leadership upper class, they wish to complete their empire building, and still believe that old myth that war makes money (for the few),  and are terribly confused and secretive and wow are they spending a lot of our money-trillions.  The Democrats are doing anything they can to regain power and then are promising if they do regain power they will rediscover what the citizens and voters are asking for and begin to listen and hear them again.  This party seems very confused too but the long primary battle has assisted them in listening more clearly to what the public is asking and they are at least paying some lip service to the demands.  I am thinking I better relook at the candidates and not so much at the parties and see who can really lead.  This theme seems to be just a distraction from the “blackness” of one candidate and the “lack of leadership qualities” by the other.  The Libertarians and The Green Party both have strong platforms whether their candidates can deliver is another research project and that is as far as I went.

And then there is the theme of Name Calling:  What was Barack Obama’s mother thinking when she gave him such a name?  Did his mother race to the baby books and study all the possibilities and just hope all the bullies would ridicule him for his name? ( What doesn’t kill you makes your stronger.) At least she did not name him Mac A. Rony, Ima Hogg, Pine Tree, or Burpa Shagnasty – all people I have met in my life.  Or did she think that she wished to give her child the best name that would fit his development and future? My research revealed the following meanings: Barack means Blessed, Hussein has several meanings which are Arabic =”good, small, handsome one”, Shiite Islam = “prominent person”, and is a “Royal” name in Jordan.  That leaves Obama which is an African name meaning Kindhearted.  I choose to believe that she chose a name to be proud of and to wear into the world with honor and dignity.

So first, we have heard the hundreds of times “Hussein” has been repeated by the broadcasters who are trying to define this middle name to their own prejudices and wishful thinking.  Apparently, lots of folks believed them, so the new repeated name calling is Ba ROCK STAR Obama in an effort to link this person with the drug taking, loud, noisy, riotous “musicians” who have an entourage and make millions of dollars.  I think this name calling is going to back fire as it is repeated by so many folks who are just ranting away in hopes that this one will be believed by large numbers too.  Well we forget there are many Rock Stars who are doing very good work with their millions and don’t live in the drug world.  Bono is the first who comes to mind this morning, and then there are other Stars who are Rock solid like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Oprah, and so many more who are building the world and their foundations are determined to eliminate disease and hunger….I think this is a compliment and another reason to have an entourage.

These were the dominate themes I gleaned yesterday, but they are not my favorite news story of the day.  My favorite was a story about the genetic research going on in Iceland (NBC Nightly News) that is proving to help people prevent  cancer or other hereditary diseases. My favorite story was how to live a healthier life and about how the people of Iceland are giving to the whole world valuable information for the future of us all.  I am grateful for this work and what it might mean to my children and their future.

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