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Ok! Ok! What do you wish to read about?

I am hoping that this post will get some of my subscribers and readers to leave a comment and or question or two on my site? What ideas or problems are you working on and trying to solve? How can I connect you to some good resources, new ideas and some solutions?

How can I get a dialogue going if I don’t get comments or questions? I am looking forward to all suggestions.

Do you like the poetry? The book reviews? Want more politics? More links to where you can make comments?

Let me know – Thank you


4 Responses to “Ok! Ok! What do you wish to read about?”

  1. mj Says:

    Ok — I’m a frustrated conservative Republican who always struggles with: how can we drop million dollar bombs but not have money for appropriate (accessible & affordable) health care for the aged and children? There’s a question for you to kick around for me.

  2. Patricia Says:

    mj. I love this question and I get it a lot in my life – particularly right now. Here’s my background to why I love this question. When I was in 6th grade JFK was running for office and our teacher decided to have a mini campaign in our classroom. No one in the class room would be on John A’s team for JFK, because JFK was a Catholic. I was told I could not be on either team or my Father might loose his job. My teacher wanted someone else on John’s team so she went to the Governor and asked him (A Republican) to declare me an Independent Voter so I could participate in this team effort and he did on official stationary and with a decree and my Father did not loose his job. I was informed by the decree, I must study and learn all I could about any candidate and then make a report back to the Governor about what I learned. The outcome was that JFK won the election and I learned how to be a good voter.
    The key is knowledge and that knowledge is centered on your core values and needs. When you look at your core value ( core values are based on these basic human needs: autonomy[self-esteem, goals, values],celebration[creation and loss], integrity[meaning,creativity, authenticity], interdependence[Acceptance, contribute to life,empathy, honesty, appreciation, love, respect, trust, support], physical nurturance[Air, food, water, rest, sexual expression, touch, shelter], play, and spiritual communion[beauty,harmony,inspiration, order, peace] from Dr. M. Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communications)

    All the ads on TV and radio around election time are there to make you afraid or to inform you of a value expressed by that candidate. If you know which value is the most alive in yourself then you will express that value in your vote.
    Since President Nixon was in office,each year we feel that our vote counts less and less and we are wary that new candidates who will be elected will not express our core values in their actions and do not trust that they will do what is best for us. ( That is why I suggest everyone read Naomi Klein’s book reviewed on this blog and you will understand why in depth)
    Thus belonging to smaller groups with platforms makes us feel more appreciated for our vote. We all like to feel appreciated.
    If you vote in line with your core values you feel like your vote matters and that you are saying your historic values are most important to you at this moment and at this election.
    I am truly not allowed to campaign for any candidate or law unless I leave my church affiliation. This is a great freedom for me because I can educate every time someone asks me a political question. I know how commercials are put together and why different ads appear in different states. I understand both parties and their platforms. I understand the hidden messages behind the speeches and I can truly work with many people.
    With the Internet, I have been able to research on my own – voting records and histories and look at the candidates closely to see what they really have accomplished. At this moment, I would say that neither party, Democratic or Republican, has had a President in office that follows the party platform in any way shape or form. And as of late, we have not been very faithful to the Constitution.
    I believe WAR and BOMBS are obsolete methods of conflict resolution and my core value of health care – we should be ashamed about our health care system…..England has fabulous health care and bombs…Canada has fabulous health care – Denmark, Sweden, France, Spain… they have health care and bombs….my core value says health care makes a safe and healthy society with a future…bombs end everything right here and now –
    why do we make so many bombs? Follow the money?

    So here, we have Sound Alliance, Organizing for the Common Good and folks learn how to be a collective voice be that they are Republican, Democratic, Union Members, Church Leaders, Church Members, or Youth and we set our top 5 values which are Health Care, Housing, Education, Immigration/Civil Rights, Sustainable Jobs/ Environment and we put the citizen’s voice back into the governing process.

    Sound Alliance is teaching the citizens in Washington State the same lessons I learned from the Governor when I was in 6th grade.
    Know your core values and vote according to what you believe and then learn how to have a voice as a citizen – take back your vote!
    If the election does not turn out as you would like, then learn to work on the action that will satisfy your core value.
    It is important for me to remember that just a few people are making a lot of money from making those bombs…..I’d rather have health care for all than greed satisfaction for the few.
    I am still a moderate Independent Voter… and I vote with my core values in place – every time.
    So from your question, I think your core value would be to have more funds spent on health care then bombs? I don’t think a single vote could make much difference on that score unless it was followed up with communications and conversations.
    Does this get a dialog started? I hope so Thank you for the idea..

  3. Whitney Says:

    Great answer… A bit long for a comment… would have made a good article and then more folks would know it was here :)

  4. sondaj Says:

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