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Momma Mia! My Thoughts About This Movie

Dancers in a Field

WOW! I am so glad I went to see Momma Mia the musical movie on opening weekend. It was fun and I felt entertained and that I had enjoyed a good time.  I did not truly know ABBA’s songs and whether or not I would like the music, as during the time they were popular I was studying, trying to compete in a man’s world and had not an extra nickel for a radio, car, record player, or for that matter to “play” in most any way.  I did recognize several of the pieces of music and knew the songs were popular in the 1970s.

I don’t very often go to the movies now, I am one of those who wait until the program comes out on DVD and I can rent it.  I just wanted to see Meryl Streep in a musical as I am in awe of her many talents and abilities; celebrating that she is also a Mother to quite a few!  Ms. Streep and Bill Moyers are the headliners on my list of people I would like to meet.

I must confess that I had a secondary reason for wanting to see the musical in the theatre.  Because of all the publicity for the Batman Movie coming out the same day, I wanted my theatre purchase to count towards something that was fun and light hearted and not dark and moribund. For the last two weeks, I have been told how everyone is going to go see the Dark Knight and how Heith Ledger is going to win a posthumous Oscar for his performance. I don’t like to be told what my tastes are and that I will think this is a winner, especially when I think I don’t want to escape into this kind of fantasy entertainment.

The theatre was full for Mamma Mia and I am sure I heard lots of people singing along during the movie and the laughter was such a blessing.  No one got up and danced as I understand happened in the Broadway Production – except for one delightful pre-kindergartener who had all the best moves and held forth in the side aisle right next to us.  One could feel the lightness of spirit and delight as folks left the theatre at the end of the show.  I was so happy that there were folks this clever to put a story to a group of “greatest hits” and bring so much happiness to the screen.

Then I came home to my TIME Magazine and their review of Mamma Mia.  The movie was now “insufferably charming”, dance routines were not meshed well, the writers have never written a large musical before, it’s a Waterloo, and singing was sometimes off key, “and Streep’s outsize cheerfulness is the expression of a soul in mortal panic.”  “But even that has its allure.  It can turn a hapless movie into a fun one.”   I say three cheers to fun!

Maybe this movie is a bit of a balancing act to the Karma surrounding most of us right now.  War, economic crisis, politician’s pander, changing our life styles, worry about the environment and knowing how awful our leaders are treating the people of our world and the earth itself….just maybe we need some fun and delight to balance the stress and overwhelming circumstances we find ourselves in. My favorite quote from the TIME review is this: “In the end, the movie beats down even the most stalwart viewer’s resistance, in a Guantanamo of giddiness.”  Oh to be beaten down and find solutions to parenting problems and life’s real agendas with song, dance, laughter, and joy – thank you for such a nice relief presented in a fun production and out into the world for so many of us to enjoy.

Three Cheers to fun!

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  1. Lael Says:

    I want to see it but could probably wait until DVD