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McCain Tells Us Who He Really is Whenever He Speaks

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John McCain is busy telling anyone who wishes to pay any attention, that Barack Obama is finally taking the right and correct action by visiting Iraq and Afghanistan.  Even goes so far as to declare that General Petraeus  will teach Obama a thing or two and get  him straightened out and  finally admit that about Iraq and the Surge he was all wrong and ignorant in his decisions.

So just what is it I learn from this little excerpt on the news this morning?  I learned that McCain is a rules man and there is only one way to do things and that military men are some of the only people to have the correct/right answers. These are the real decision makers and advisors to believe. McCain believes this General and the President about all the “rightness” of the policies and positions in Iraq.

Now I will add my research about McCain to my initial hearing of the statement.  John McCain has spent most of his life in the Military and has been drilled and drilled in the rules of engagement and war. The leaders in any war follow the rules of engagement down to the letter until the top LEADERS tell them how to change the rules to fit the situation and to promote success in the various kinds of engagements. There is nothing then surprising about his thinking that the General, on the ground and the top leader in this situation, will advise him in such a manner that he will know how to change the rules to have success while still upholding the correct and right rules of war/engagement.  John McCain cannot change someone’s mind but this top Leader will be able to change someone’s mind and even get that person to admit to an error in judgment and wisdom in this situation – those are the rules.

Another piece of information about John McCain, I pull up from my research and study about the man. He has spent at least 40 years of his life listening to a preacher who has taught him to believe in the “Rapture” and that the world is ending and you must follow the rules as best you can to be “lifted up” and succeed.  I would believe that these were comforting rules and beliefs to anyone who is a captive and a prisoner of any kind.  And just as other hostages and prisoners of war have stated, having a strong belief gives one strength to survive. Adding to that belief , is the current notion practiced by our President and the TV Preachers, that one must “get it all now” and as much as you can, and that being wealthy and in a position of power is another true, real, right, correct and significant signal of success.

Now, throw into the mix the rule, long held by most of the folks I hear, that war makes money. Uh Oh!

Well war makes money for the top of the line – the top of the food chain – the top of the war industry – and the few at the very top and that money is made by the spending of lives and the hard work of the many – if one gets real about this idea one realizes it for a mythology repeated so often it is a belief. (Remember we borrowed the money from China for our stimulus packages and much of our heritage is being bought up by Europeans).

None of these rules and beliefs pull into consideration the children of God – all of the people: the workers, the teachers, the children and the most poor – all creatures great and small.  We are the others the masses, the folks that “this is for your own good”.  Which might be to say – all the rest of us on this planet are not the “chosen”, “not the patriotic”, “not the believers”, “not the wealthy”, “not worth listening to or hearing” – unless it is for pandering.

One more addition to my thinking and learning, when I discovered that John McCain and his wife had adopted a child with a cleft palate and he was exploding all over the countryside about health insurance not covering the procedures which would correct the problem, I had a bit of hope.  I contacted the Senator’s office numerous times and in various ways as I did my own Senator’s office and researched my concerns on the matter.  Finally an assistant called me to give me the official word from  Senator McCain’s office, which was that I was a [word deleted] harassing protester on this subject matter, the Senator was now on a committee to work on the issue of cleft palates and insurance reform, he would take care of the problem, to contact the SMILE organization (does Cleft palate repair around the world but not in the USA), and finally that if I would just get a job I could pay for the surgeries myself.  In the last 22 years, absolutely nothing has been accomplished in getting the insurance industry to change it’s thinking about cleft palate repair coverage and my partner and I have paid off $261,000.00 in medical costs.  I am still working on the issue – Mr. McCain has never done anything except rant and rave for about 2 weeks. The Insurance companies are making the rules, which he will follow.

From the little excerpt on the news I learned a great deal this morning.  Senator McCain told me that he was a follower of the rules, that he believes General Petraeus and knows that this military man can assist another man in learning to follow the rules and understand that he is incorrect and not right.  Where is the LEADER?  Mr. McCain you are still a FOLLOWER – noisy and arrogant but a FOLLOWER and that is what you told me this morning and that is all I have ever heard from you over the many years – A FOLLOWER – not a LEADER.

2 Responses to “McCain Tells Us Who He Really is Whenever He Speaks”

  1. Julie Andersen Says:


    Thank you for an honest, insightful and, at the same time, disturbingly accurate understanding of Mr McCain. Sadly, you are correct, he would be a FOLLOWER, not a leader.

  2. Patricia Says:

    I appreciate your good comments and want to hear more of what you think. Would you like to write a post or a book review for this blog? I would so enjoy that…what do you think?