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Book Review: Three Weeks with My Brother ~ Nicholas Sparks and Micah Sparks

“A Memoir” is not the usual choice for a book on my reading list, but I had just lost my Mother and much of my family connection and the book was given to me and just sitting on my shelf: I picked it up and began to read.

I found a story with lots of humor, insight and a record of a healing process about two brothers who were dealing with a great deal of loss in their lives.  As a matter of fact they are the only two remaining family members of their family of origin.  The writer Nicholas Sparks has given us several best sellers over the years and a number have been made into movies; most are about the range of human emotions and the outcomes that we all hope will happen.  I found the writing in the book to sometimes be difficult and the dialogue felt distracting until I saw that I needed to make note of the emotions and connections being expressed within the dialogue and ignore the phrases and statements. This area improved as the book progressed.

I liked the lifelong connections expressed between the brothers and how their lives moved in various spheres but complimented their growth and time together.  The trip they took gave them clear exploration time to hear the each other’s perceptions of the family and growing experiences and to make a deeper connection for their futures and the future of their relationship as family. This was gentle reading which imparted some good understanding of a male viewpoint.

My favorite part of the story though was finding the connection to Nicholas Spark’s telling of the story about his son Ryan and teaching him how to talk and get into this world.  In the few short excepts from this part of his family story, I could totally identify with the huge number of hours and efforts that it takes to assist a child in finding their success in the world when they are differently able. I too have my own story of this type of experience and am hoping for a successful outcome.   I was pleased to see that someone else realized early on that specialists, teachers; doctors had lots of suggestions but that one has to do the work themselves.

It was an interesting book and maybe providence that it came my way just at the right time; an enjoyable read.

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