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88 Successes

In 1983, my husband and I took a course in financial planning called “Your Money or Your Life” and we very much enjoyed going through the process.  One of the exercises in the course was to make of list of 100 things we wanted to do in our marriage over the next few years.  If we got stuck on completing the list we were to think of something funny that made us laugh, got the list making process moving along again, and would become items we could cross out or delete from the process easily when we were honing in on our top ten goals to finish the course. We had to stop writing our list at 88 items when the newest member of our family awoke with a big crying jag.

“The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction” folks have a similar exercise which includes making vision boards of what you want to accomplish.

In 1989, we moved into an old house in the city which we renovated and which we felt would  be conducive to growing our children, be close to our daily living and leave us not needing to drive a car everywhere; biking and walking were top priorities. We moved on the 4th of July weekend, which was extremely cold and the rain was pouring down, from a new passive solar home of about 2,000 square feet to a 950 square foot tiny house on the bluff across from the State Capitol building.

In the midst of unpacking the boxes, out came the notebook from our class and we sat and laughed about how we had never crossed anything off the list, and how our lives had changed.  The truly amazing thing is that without ever looking at that list again we had accomplished nearly 50 of those 88 items on the list.  Our thoughts were we may have only had 88 items on the list but we really believed that we could accomplish them and we had accomplished them.  They were not small things but rather they ranged from remodeling an older, historic home, getting a VW van, living in the middle of town to adopting a child.

In November of 2007 our hot water heater in our renovated 2400 square foot home stopped working by spewing out gallon after gallon of hot water onto the new bedroom and family room flooring making for a huge cleanup project right in the midst of Holiday Company and children home.  Once again we packed up the gear and moved everything to the garage in order to make room for repairs and new floors. It was a hectic time and lots of confusion.  We are still sorting and unpacking things now as we prepare for kids visits home this summer and we make some more “grown- up” spaces from the leftovers of “the good old days”.  There in the bottom of a rather once wet box was the notebook from our course of so long ago – and we are now on the verge of completing all 88 items on the list!  Even all the items we thought were easy to discard, have proven to be something we believed we could accomplish.

The French Philosopher Simone Weil says that prayer is really only being aware – maybe that is another way to say when you truly believe in something heart, mind and soul then you attract it to you and that is the secret we must learn – even cellular awareness.

I wish I could ask these great philosophers about when someone believes that their friend will live and instead they die, or that a marriage will last until death do us part and the divorce happens a few years later; what is the true meaning of this on our path?  Is it the lesson or that someone else’s belief was stronger?  I am still working on the moments of doubt and figuring this out for myself. And while I ponder and contemplate these issues, I will take today to celebrate our 88 successes which include my writing this message to you.

Thank you for reading my words and making a connection.

One Response to “88 Successes”

  1. Julie Andersen Says:

    It’s true isn’t it. . .our thoughts create our actions. When we list/identify what we want in our lives we give focus to our desires – “mindfulness” shapes our reality.