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The Prize

Last night I won a prize! And I was amazed, dumbfounded, delighted, and full of joy.  I have rarely won anything in my life without having to work hard and prove that I had worth and merit as a winner.  I had worth and merit as a winner by just walking into the room and saying I would  help at least 100 other people make our community a better place, more fun place; a delightful place especially for our children.

I went to the first meeting of the Sand in the City Fundraiser for the Hands-On Children’s Museum.  The Museum is working on raising $170,000.00 to make sure that every child can come and see what they have to offer and enjoy the science, drama, play and art activities available in our area.  Many, many parents worked long and hard to get this museum established and I think it is a worthy cause to contribute my time and energy and I was asked if I would like to participate.

Each of the teams is headed up by a local architect and represents a business or financial institution. The 12 teams of about 12 folks each will be designing and sculpting sand into sandboxes on the waterfront for an August 23 celebration.  Our team 510 Interiors, sustainable design products, carpeting, Japanese wooden soaking tubs, etc., is sponsoring our team and MSGS Architects is supplying the project Architect.  Patriciaswisdom.com is supplying the inspiration, enthusiasm; good cheer and fund raising know how to the event.  We’re going to win the People’ Choice Award with our $1 = 1 Vote contributions.

What an amazing feeling to win a prize, which was by the way a beautifully wrapped form tray, filled with sculpting tools and a bag of sand. Just what I needed and now I can practice my skills small scale for the big event. The bubble of joy is still resonating today and that just “being” is really enough. Another definition of Grace come my way, which I have to say just keeps arriving since I started my business and blog on May 1, 2008.

Would you like to be part of this event?  Help with fundraising?  Well $1 = 1 Vote for the sculpture and for the Children’s Museum. (I’ll put a picture on the website of our completed work!)
Make donations to:
Hands-On Children’s Museum
106 11th Ave. SW Olympia, WA 98501

Please make a note that you are voting for 510 Interiors Sand in the City Team.

Thank you.

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