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Progressive Christianity

Since I started my Facebook page and listed myself as a person exploring Progressive Christianity, I have been asked a number of questions about what that means.

Progressive Christianity is where my currant studies are taking me after I heard a lecture about the new Center for Progressive Christianity [ www.tcpc.org ] in February of 2008. I went to the lecture and discussion and was fascinated to learn more details as I have been calling myself a progressive for about 20 years now in various aspects of my life. The speaker passed out a sheet with the eight points of Progressive Christianity listed, but they now have the points on their creative website at: http://www.tcpc.org/about/8points.cfm

I have also just finished a book which I will review over the next few days Edited by Marcus Borg and Ross Mackenzie called God at 2000 which was a conference with seven speakers that called on top scholars of various faiths to give a lecture on their concept of GOD. The essayists have kept me intrigued. This conference followed a conference which was called Jesus at 2000 with a follow up book which I have not read yet.

I have spent the past fall reading books and information by Brian Swimme, a rather hard go, who is a theologian and physicist from Canada and I am hoping to see some of the videos that he has made as I understand he is fascinating to listen to and watch.

I am rather constantly in the study of some subject that I hope will translate into make people’s lives better and help them transform or make change in their lives. I am sharing what I am learning on the blog site as part of my journal entries. I keep stretching and working on my faith journey. I hope you will enjoy the ideas and add to the discussion.

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