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I believe that the safety of a people is built upon the strength and health of the community, whether that is a family community, a school community, a neighborhood community, a city community, county community or a state community. Community builds the bonds and communication skills that are the strongest protective force known to humankind.

Force can come from the natural world – floods, fires, earthquakes and cyclones

Force can come from ideological sources – differing opinions and only one going to WIN

Force can come from perceived threats of violence against a community – intimidation and bullying

Force can come because of hunger, poverty and ignorance

Force can come from so many directions and provocations, there are too many to list.

When force is used improperly against people, situations, or the earth – the perpetrators become weak as their values are being weakened.

We don’t want to abuse with our “Protective Use Of Force” we want this force to be strong and not weak – we want to protect our family, our neighborhood, our school, our city and our state – we want to be strong to protect our values, but we don’t want a specific gang to take charge of what are our values, needs and wants. When human beings are backed right up to the cliff they will either use their protective skills or jump.

Humans want to keep our values strong and our community strong – we want/demand that our veterans and troops get the benefits and health care that they need; that their families are taken care of supported and fed. As we are being backed into a corner, we are demanding that our values be strengthened. As we are learning about the treatment and care of our veterans, people are advocating for them and working to make the situation better.

Communities protect themselves by filling sand bags and helping other’s move out of harm’s way, to getting on a bus and heading out to rebuild an area after disaster strikes. Humans know that the best protection is safety, basic needs and true assistance. People responses are prayers in action. And sometimes our efforts pay off and sometimes they fail. The boy scouts were prepared and they could protect each other because they had been trained in what to do. (Iowa Tornado)

When the community is safe, then we need education and skills training. When the community is fed and has health care and modes of mobility, then it needs education and truth.

If we all have our emergency kits in our cars and homes then we need education and skills building. We need to be talking about our communities’ protections and safety.

The strongest homeland security is people in communication, basic human needs being met, and respect for our communities’ values. We will be invincible.

Maybe Bill Moyer’s said it better than I in a speech he gave in 1987 to a Democratic group when he said, “For 10 years now, the other party has embraced the notion that ‘war is the health of the state,’ but in the long run, the future belongs to the party that knows that the health of the people precedes the health of the state.” (Moyer’s On Democracy, 2008)

War has never proven to truly assist the masses, but it has certainly made a few extremely wealthy and a great many very angry.

So I make a toast to our health and our security and our strong future. Here! Here! And I support our communications with each other and our building our family strengthen and education systems. I believe this is the Protective Use of Force we need to have in place and keep us and our homeland secure.

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