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Book Review: Your Money or Your Life

Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship with Money & Achieving Financial Independence ~ Joseph R. Dominguez and Vicki Robbins

The book has been life changing for me in my relationship to money. It was a solid new way to think and to use money in my life. By doing the exercises I was able to make money work for me and my family putting my values first in the queue.  It has taken years and perseverance with all the medical bills we accumulated to pay off our debts but we are verging on debt freedom because of working from our values with money and using this information as our foundation.

We added Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees by Neale S Godfrey and Carolina Edwards to assist our children with their learning about money and have been pleased with the results.
My youngest child is working on Susie Orman’s new book Woman and Money as she prepares to graduate from college in the coming year.

When I do a pre-marriage workshop I am always looking for new resources as money is such an issue for new couples these days.  I always come back to the Your Money or Your Life book and have created worksheets for couples to use to communicate about money and values. Starting out with some kind of program seems to be vital to the life of a marriage.

My Church Conference is recommending the website www.feedthepig.org  for everyone but especially for all folks who are in financial crisis with the economy at this time.

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