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What a Good Dog

Good there’s Bob, I now know that I am home from my travels and back into my routine. I recognize the one black leg and the one white leg from a distance and it is reassuring to see him there. Sometimes Bob is tired on his walk, but most of the time, he is just pure contentment walking along; he and Adam have a relaxed pace as though all is right with the world. Puppy energy is gone and the duo always ignites a spark of joy as I greet them on our morning rounds.

Today Bob is sharing more ideas with me. I was reminded of him as I walked the river walk in Yakima, Washington this weekend in the early morning hours, for there I encountered Bob in the reverse. Bob’s black furred leg moves the color along his back and remains black and his front white leg moves along his lower body and remains white. The fellow I saw when away had all black legs and under belly with white head and back. I duded this new guy – Skunk Bob! He had lots of puppy energy and kept mixing it up with his runner’s legs. The whole image made me laugh out loud! It began to rain in the desert.

Bob is teaching me lessons this morning about coming home from events. I used to come home from camp retreats just bursting with puppy energy and singing every song I learned and recounting every story – interaction until I am sure my parents thought I was too exuberant and was getting tangled up with the race of recalling. They were patient with my energy and knew my siblings would administer a quick reality check upon arrival home. I think they felt pleased that they had spent their precious resources on the experience for me, but they had not been there themselves and I was a bit exhausting in my enthusiasm.

Here are Bob’s lessons: Bob’s colors are black and white and they integrate nicely into a pleasing coat and fine shape, Bob and Adam have learned a contented pace for starting their day, and I feel a sense of joy when I discover them on my journey. I am working to find a good pace for sharing all the ideas about change and the pursuit of justice that I have learned recently. I am hoping that I might integrate the ideas into constructive words assisting others in finding value with the information, which may bring about a spark of joy. The warm spring sun enhanced the lake’s surface.

4 Responses to “What a Good Dog”

  1. Lael Says:

    I liked reading this one. I think because it was more of a story.

  2. Patricia Says:

    I have not seen Bob or Adam for awhile on my lake walks. I have been on a different schedule with some other work. I was delighted to see them today – Bob has a summer hair cut and Adam says they might have to do micro-surgery on his back problems. Bob looks ready for anything and very dapper! Adam a bit concerned about what comes next. I am going to keep my eyes heaven ward and fingers crossed that all will work out for a great recovery and pain free future.

  3. Patricia Says:

    Adam, I am so happy about your new house and home – Great news! and just as wonderful is the news that the baby ducks are still out and about. As I was driving way from the walk today, I had to stop the car at the fountain cross walk because a mama Mallard and her brood of 9 were busy crossing the street at the crosswalk! Things are coming to life these days.

  4. Patricia Says:

    I hope it was a good move this past weekend. Nice to see you fellows down for your walk this morning!