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Duck, Hold On or Let Go

I have figured out that life is more about letting go than acquiring or holding on……today I would just like to have some more answers about how I am to let go next.

For each problem that has presented in my life, I have had to find definition for it and then decide to let go or fix it – let go or set up a plan of action.

This first step sometimes takes me a long time to research and glean…and sometimes the answers to my inquiries just don’t come for a long, long time…

This morning I was able to get a quick response and knew what to do and it did not take me a long time – I knew I needed to let go.

I came up to a stoplight behind a truck. I could see movement by the truck wheel at the busy intersection and to my amazement I realized it was a duckling coming to the puddle in the cross walk to get a drink. Dash over, drink and then dash back to the curb. The truck went on and up behind me came an emergency vehicle and so the light went red again before I could go ahead; I watched the little duck continue its furtive journey for a drink. I decided to turn the corner at the light and park over in an empty lot. The birdie would either be terrified of me or check me out, but I could probably shoo it out of the crosswalk and into the bushes at the least.

I did just that and parked; the next car behind me went whizzing through at the change of the light seconds later. I could no longer see the little duck and was relieved as I wandered around a bit that it was not squashed onto the roadway and after a moment walkabout I returned to my car and went on my way.

During the course of my work, I wondered if the duckling had been carried off by the car or if it had made it to the safety of somewhere or whether it might emerge again for another drink? I have heard of a mother duck leading her band across the road and all the traffic halting or another flock being rescued from a storm drain, but that lone duckling seemed so very alone. Two days after Easter, I wondered if it had been in someone’s basket and was destined to be alone or isolated from its tribe.

I got busy with my work and at the end of my business day I thought again of the little duckling – darting out for a drink of water and dashing back and I wondered if it was still working on life and living; hoping that it might be.

Why is this little duck coming back into my mind all day? I let go of trying to get it out of the street fairly quickly and went on my way. I feel that it was not crushed by the oncoming traffic but I am puzzled by its attraction to my mind.

Why was that little tiny duck in my mind? Why did it catch my eye and others did not seem to notice? I tried to help but found I could not – so I let go and moved back into my lane. It think it was the newness of the duckling and the aloneness of the experience and the road was so busy and the traffic so fierce.

I think it is because I am the little duckling, wanting a drink to refresh from the well of insight, understanding and knowledge. I am having a new life experience and I don’t know the questions to ask or the research to do right now, but I do know I want a hint of direction, which would assist me in seeing the water ahead.

Oh for an honest crystal ball right now!

I want to know about the duckling and whether it was a message about living and thirst, a tiny courageous baptism in hope and trust or just a reminder to have faith that everything will work out for the best……for ducklings and me.

2 Responses to “Duck, Hold On or Let Go”

  1. mj Says:

    Oh, come now, Trish! You must know why a DUCK experience would keep coming back to your memory! Yellow and White, Cottey C Seniors! Of course ducks are amazing!!! mj

  2. Patricia Says:

    This is awful but that never came to mind…and my kiddo has all her ducks from Cottey in a row! ha ha Thanks for the good kick in the pants wake up call!