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Rejoice Beloved Woman:Psalm 19 ~ Barbara Monda

1. I look to the sky and see the reflection of Your beauty. Your glory, set in the stars, speak of the wonderful works of Your hand.

2. As one day gives way to another and night moves into the embrace of day, wisdom is given with no words spoken.

3. All I need do is look up and see. The bridegroom, Sun, strides from his temple and moves to the embrace of dusk and his welcoming bride.

4. In the beauty of Her darkness, the bride revives his soul and balance is again restored. He, all over again, is vital, eager to bring the next day.

5. I, like the sun, am renewed by my rest in You, Mother. The cycle of my life is daily revived and made fruitful in Your darkness.

6. I am open to the teachings of Shekhinah. She satisfies all my needs and Her lessons endure forever.

7. God makes each day’s events vehicles of wisdom. Observing Her manner gives joy to my heart and light to my eyes.

8. I am enraptured by Your teaching and drawn to it like a bear to honey. Studying Your creation is my reward.

9. Hold me from wrongdoing and keep me from being distracted by my compulsions. I do not want to miss these lessons.

10. May my words and my thoughts be always acceptable to You, Shekhinah. May You be the foundation rock upon which I am built.

~ Barbara Monda (Rejoice, Beloved Woman available at Amazon.com)

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