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Lessons ~ Poem by Barbara Gibson

Barbara’s sense of timing is a gift. Her poetic voice seem to mesh into a synchronicity with the rhythms of my life and needs. So often I have received a bookmark, note card or copy of her latest book just in time for a mood or thought adjustment and since I like to start my day with a poem/prayer,I thought others might enjoy sharing some of her words and wisdoms too. This is Barbara’s choice of her current favorite poem.


Learning from the boulder

planted on the slope of Mt. Tahoma

among red cedars and firs.

Thrown here by the glacier

tens of thousands of years ago

still moving but with a pace

only rock could know.

Learning Slow.

The boulder welcomes lichen, water, ice.

The imperceptible wearing away of what it is

into the new thing it becomes.

Learning Change.

Learning Surrender.

Learning Don’t Complain

and Love What You Bear.

Learning Stay.

~Barbara Gibson

One Response to “Lessons ~ Poem by Barbara Gibson”

  1. Jannie Funster Says:

    What a wonderful poem. I especially like that line “with a pace only a rock could know.” Cute!

    Does this mystery woman have a blog?