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My First Post – The Reason Why

My top 10 reasons to have a blog:

Number one: to be of service
My mother always said leave a place better than you found it and she did; from wiping down public bathrooms counters to communicating well and she succeeded being a gracious gentlewoman she succeeded. I heard that phrase, to leave things better then you found it, so often that it became kind of a natural response. How can I leave my place in the world better then when I came into its? My understanding of great writers, philosophers and theologians, is that the goal of life is to serve life. So what better thing for me to do then to gather all together all the things that I do well and write about them, share them with others, make them a resource for other people, and communicate. What I perceive as my best skill and talent is helping folks become the “best” they can be as they live their life to the fullest.

Number two: I love to talk
I hope that I don’t just blather on and take up space with my words or exhaust everyone’s ears. My greatest goal is that there is complete communication when I speak. That I have something to offer which will illicit a response and help everyone to think new thoughts, create new ideas and make a good connections. To be a good communicator involves listening as well as talking–I believe over the years that I have gained a great capacity for listening empathetically. When a moment of connection is made, it infuses me with joy and a burst of energy to proceed.

Number three: I love to write
Letters, words, e-mails ,stories, conflicts ,descriptions,dialogue — all these things and more are part of what makes writing a pleasure for me. I just can’t get enough! Before the computer age there was great excitement in my family when a letter arrived and we caught up on all the news. I enjoyed writing letters — trying to say just the right thing to convey what really happened. Now we can all dash off e-mails and keep each other posted in record time. I can know how someone felt about a book just minutes after reading, and I can hear people’s thoughts on a news story almost immediately, and hopefully folks are inspired into action and response that truly are a service. Wow! Writing a blog – what a great way to be involved and to keep your writing honed.

Number four: change artist
One of the greatest skills I’ve developed over my numerous years is as an artist in the field of change. I can understand what someone needs to do, I can understand what actions people need to take, how businesses can find a resolution to their problems, I can find resources and analyze a situation, I am able to write about change or assist people in making change toward more successful lives. Why not celebrate this talent and use this talent with hopefully a larger audience? There certainly is lot of change goin’ on and at a record pace.

Number five: I integrate ideas best when speaking
Ever heard the expression: “If you need to know and understand something – teach it”? I can personalize a concept or take two ideas and make them into something useful or thought provoking, often within minutes. When I add my intuitive abilities and work at sharing what I am thinking or teaching it to someone – creating something innovative is quite possible. It works in the reverse also, I can tell if an idea or solution will not prove worthwhile or if it just will not succeed in producing the desired results.

Number six: the whole idea just makes me excited
I heard a retired Military Chaplain say that he started his “Myspace” page and was amazed that after several weeks he was getting about 80 connections a day – and he is 71 years old! This just made me so excited and happy. I want to be part of this community and communication network – what a dynamic way to be of service and serve the world – well that is a bit heady- and serve a community of folks who would like to make connections.

Number seven: doing work that makes a difference
Being part of a larger community and being able to do the work that I do well ; to offer a positive solution to someone’s need and to be able to respond and resource, I believe this is work that makes a difference in the world. I will try to keep it a positive difference.

Number eight: my turn
Following my own rules and criteria, I have paid a lot of “dues”, I just think it is time I set my own limits and see what amazing outcomes are possible. Hey! It is my turn.

Number nine: how much fun is this?
Putting these blog, website, postings together are the pieces of a puzzle which has been more fun than anything I have worked on in a very long time. I remember organizing the adventures club for my daughter and her friends and the parents saying as leaders we want to do things that are fun for us too! I think this exercise has been so much fun so far and I think it can only produce more joy in the experience gained.

Number 10: doing what I do best
I think every task has a part that is hard to do or not quite to your liking or just not the most fulfilling activity one could be doing in their life.I am looking forward to working at something that draws together the things I do well and celebrates that effort. It is a bit like planting a flower bulb and hoping that after the winter departs we will find the joy in the bulbs bursting forth and putting on a bloom for all to enjoy.I am ready to bloom where I am planted.

4 Responses to “My First Post – The Reason Why”

  1. Julia Says:

    You Go Girl!

  2. Carol Ann Says:

    Your website is great! You have invested a lot of time and knowledge in this and it shows. I will just “ditto” Julia’s comment!

  3. Barbara Says:

    In a world so filled with depression, frustration, aimlessness, and inability to reach beyond… it is more than just refreshing to find a place on the web of beauty, hope and love. It is NECESSARY FOR LIFE. Inspiration is not luxury, it is a source of being truly alive and able to generate life in others. Thanks Patricia!

  4. Lael Says:

    I am proud of you for starting this, since you have really wanted to for a while now. I hope this helps you and serves the purpose you want. Love you.