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Desmond Tutu on Compassion

I heard this excerpt on the radio this morning – filled with laughter as Desmond Tutu spoke of teaching and talking compassion with children:

” I get angry with God, very angry with God, why would God let this, that or the other happen? ( making growling noises, angry sounds)
I know that when I am angry that God is speaking to me – I get angry with God and cry with God and laugh with God a great deal of my life. I know to listen.
God did not make you trash.(laughter)
…..and when you fall down and make a mistake – God does not throw the trash (you) out with the rubbish! (laughter) No God says stand up and try again.
And when you make another failure (laughter) mistake, God says, ‘Oh well,'(sadly and rather ho-humly) (pause) – now get up and brush yourself off and try again( like an order). God’s message is try again.”

From the Seeds of Compassion Conference in Seattle April 2008

One listener conference attendee said that the best thing that is rolling around in his head since leaving the conference is this idea: Seeds become plants, become fruit,become fuel, become seeds – it makes his living of his life more compassionate

2 Responses to “Desmond Tutu on Compassion”

  1. Jeanne Says:


    I watched coverage of the Peace Summit in Vancouver a few months back (September, if memory serves) and enjoyed listening to Desmond Tutu speak. He was honored at the summit along with the Dalai Lama and there were numerous Nobel Laureates on hand to talk about peace and compassion.

    I think that people like Desmond Tutu can inspire others to care more, do better, and empathize with others. Regardless of what anyone’s religious beliefs may be (if they practice organized religion at all), I think individuals like Desmond Tutu can inspire words and actions that promote peace. Plus, this man has quite a sense of humor! :)

    .-= JeanneĀ“s last blog ..Cluster Headache Or Migraine? =-.

  2. Patricia Says:

    I have just ordered a book on Tutu as I enjoy his writing and ideas – Yes I too think he has a fine sense of humor.
    I see that a documentary of the Vancouver Peace Summit will be released soon too. I wonder if any of these meetings will make a difference in the world?
    Thank you for coming on by