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12 Reasons I Want People To Read This Book

The Book: The Shock Doctrine: the Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein

  1. Just because I believe every voter in the USA should read this book – required
  2. Because this is some of the best investigative reporting I have ever read
  3. Ms. Klein writes very well – it is a hard to put down current events/history book
  4. The author attributes feelings and quotes to people as she records history
  5. We are informed as to her methods and referrals to get information
  6. When the author is going to integrate ideas, the reader is informed
  7. Our college students in economics and business are required to read this book
  8. Because my Father said in about 1958 after reading Milton Friedman’s book about this form of economics:

    “This is truly amazing theory and just about perfection, except that economics that are perfect like this have no room for humanity. Economics are to serve Humanity not the few. This program will ruin our educational system and the concept of education for everyone.”

  9. Because President Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld totally believe in this theory and are putting it in to practice daily as we read this…and because we have an “end-game” – Rapture believing President. We have already lost so much….
  10. Because Bill Moyer’s recommends everyone read it.
  11. Because of Bill McKibben’s belief that it is not quite too late to save the world: “The kind of extreme independence that derived from cheap fossil fuel – the fact that we need our neighbors for nothing at all – can’t last. Either we build real community, of the kind that lets us embrace mass transit and local food and co-housing and you name it, or we will go down clinging to the wreckage of our privatized society.

    ” Which leaves us with one one piece of undeniably good news: we were built for community. Everything we know about human beings, from the state of our immune systems to the state of our psyches, testifies to our desire for real connection of just the kind that an advanced consumer society makes so difficult. We need that kind of community to slow down the environmental changes coming at us, and we need that kind of community to survive the changes we can’t prevent. And we need that kind of community because it’s what make us fully human.”

  12. and we need to become knowledgeable about what is really, truly happening to us and our wonderful constitution in the name of perfection and disaster capitalism.

Now if you feel fear at reading these kinds of things, then I suggest you try on Oprah’s 10 things to do about relief from fear on her website.

If you feel depressed about this kind of information, I will add a wee suggestion:

Depression is anger focused against yourself….its like a fog horn calling out to you to stop what you are doing and make a strategy to get out of the fog – to move away from the rocky coast….

Some ways to get out of the fog safely:

  1. learn how to problem solve and take action
  2. learn how to learn
  3. work in your own neighborhood for “real” community spirit and not privatization and gates
  4. make an emergency kit for 4 days of survival in case of a flood or a hurricane and if you don’t have the funds to be airlifted to a spa vacation to ride out the storm/disaster
  5. teach a child how to learn and understand and be responsible
  6. take a welfare recipient under your tutelage and teach them how to cope/learn/ and be able to respond – teach someone how to get debt free.
  7. take back your local schools
  8. take back your local government
  9. take back your local health care and keep your doctors locally
  10. learn what it really means to recycle and reuse and eat locally
  11. don’t drive your car one day a week and support public transportation
  12. share how you feel with someone else and have a real conversation.

4 Responses to “12 Reasons I Want People To Read This Book”

  1. Julie Andersen Says:


    How delightful to have met you on our walks around the lake. Serendipity has been a significant part of my life experience. Meeting you and reading your comments – especially your references to compassion and community – makes me realize I have discovered another “kindred spirit”. Thank you for your website, I’m looking forward to future discussions and will acquire a copy of “The Shock Doctrine”.

    Wishing you all the best,


  2. Patricia Says:

    Julie, I have missed seeing you around the Lake – maybe you are off being Grandmother to some delightful folks this week? I surely do appreciate your comments and our conversations. I have ordered the Ben Kaplan book about Balkin Ghosts – I am not sure I have it correct but it is enroute. Thank you for the suggestion. Patricia

  3. Mark Says:

    You have sold me, I will be reading this book. thank-you!

    Marks last blog post..Compounding Interest in Your Relationship

  4. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for reading the book – the first segments are somewhat gruesome, but it pulls the whole theory together with outside eyes.

    I still highly recommend Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communications Workbook to folks, because it has so helped me to make a mental paradigm shift to see the world with fresh eyes.

    Just a suggestion.